Basic Principles Of Food And Wine Matching

Explore here some useful info on the basic rules of food and wine matching. Since long years there have only been two preferred food and wine combination : ‘red wine with beef’ and ‘white wine with fish or poultry’. The other combination is merely “any wine with any food as long as you like it”.

But it is not so once you understand the simple logic and principle behind it you can confidently match foods and wines. Below are a few important rules that will help you in perfect food and wine matching.

  • If each bite of food that you have selected replaces the taste of the wine and each sip of wine replaces the taste of the food then it is a good match.
  • However in a poor match, either the selected food or the wine is so dominant that it completely suppresses the taste of the other and only its taste remains in the mouth throughout the meal.
  • Always pair food and wine depending on their taste and not their smell or aroma.
  • The best and simplest way to match foods with wines is to look for sweetness, acidity or bitterness in the food and serve wines that have the same characteristics.

Some of the golden combination of food and wine can be :

  1. White wines {Acidic in nature} usually pair well with most seafood.
  2. Red Wines {High acid levels} are usually very good pairings with grilled seafood and with most red sauces (tomato based).
  3. White wines that have some amount of sweetness taste good with similar type of foods.
  4. Red wines with an amount of sweetness, bitterness go well with food that are either sweet or bitter in taste.

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Basic Principles Of Food And Wine Matching